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The PS guarantee

Today our customers are buying more and more products and services based on ethical considerations , without exploitation of people and without  Environmental damage were produced. PS GmbH applies these standards to the services and products it offers.


We guarantee environmentally friendly cleaning of your rooms and systems in accordance with today's environmental protection standards .


The skilled workers are subject to the requirements of the best training and thus guarantee the highest quality . It is very important for our company to treat our employees fairly, with appropriate remuneration and good training and further education . Wage distortions due to overtime compared to the billed services do not arise from exact hourly calculation.


We ensure reliable through constant quality controls 


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PS recycling way
PS environmental-protection
Opensource kontrollierte e-software


· Environmentally friendly

· 24/7 emergency service

· Local owner and operator

· Professional service

· Quality work

Today sustainability is the topic

We are a family company that has cultivated a corporate culture that has made use of real sustainability since 1998. The PS's sustainability policy must be adhered to in accordance with the path decided by the founding family for the period from 2005 to 2030. This was done in order to reach and deepen the next level of sustainability of our company in order to implement the sustainability principles formulated therein.

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