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Company expansion

Our business expansion has become necessary, despite the difficult situation with the coronavirus. Especially during this time, we were able to win many new customers quickly and at a reasonable price thanks to high-quality work.

Since this has increased the customer base considerably, we had to hire an above-average number of new employees and now also expand our company. The additional place of business is in:  

Kurhausstrasse 33, 23795 Bad Segeberg

We urgently need the new location to provide additional training for our workforce and, above all, for the new staff to adequately adapt to the PS standard.


The central location on Kurhausstrasse was another important reason for us.

A visit on foot is easy and possible

PS Gebäudereinigung neu Vergrößerung Kurhausstr. 33
PS Dienstleistungen
My mistress uses the time gained


The Google Buyer Protection logo  Receive businesses who have passed a screening and qualification process for local service advertisements.






With the Google Buyer Protection Certificate, we identify ourselves as a provider who, after a thorough examination, has received the certificate for very good work results from Google.

PS Google Käuferschutz Zertifikat Digimag
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