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House cleaning

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Of course, several important factors play a role in your decision if you want to commission PS building cleaning.

The price is certainly a strong point here. Nevertheless, the view should also go beyond the pure price , as there are many serious reasons for a different weighting.

We at PS Gebäudereinigung GmbH  than your provider, who may have made a similar offer , stand for more security, more quality controls, more flexibility and more trust.

These are, for example, for all cleaning work:

  • which is also a substantial one Assume specialist knowledge and then contribute to maintaining the value of your facility and thus to safeguarding your wealth .

  • The certificate of good conduct that our employees have to present on a regular basis in order to justify your trust in principle .


  • To name the exact record of actually desirable and necessary workload and compute.


  • The high flexibility in changed situations ( e.g. Corona-related breaks ) or additional work due to visits , renovations , changes in time or the departure of the children ;).


  • All employees are insured against damage in the millions , which nobody wants, but in the worst case it wo n't damage you.


  • High quality controls by senior staff and satisfaction controls by the facilities created by PS building cleaning. Simply make a digital report via mobile phone , tablet and PC , which is processed electronically by us and leads to the necessary corrections.


  • 24/7 service for our customers if something goes wrong, e.g. burst water pipes , minor fire damage , heating accidents or other unforeseeable events.


  • A free hotline 0800 9999 715, which is available for you and certainly suggest solutions quickly and will implement.


  • Vacation replacements that are presented to you beforehand so that it " fits ". It is important for us that you feel comfortable with us and that your trust is justified here as well

  • We are a Google certified company that gives you a “money back guarantee ” through a third party.


As part of your detailed examination , you should talk to us at PS Gebäudereinigung to check our arguments . The reason for this is obvious: especially when you hand over your key (who is also insured ) to the apartment (house) to a PS cleaner and this person cleans even when you are not at home, your trust plays the central role Role.


Liable, with fair wages, all insurance and professional!

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and everything else
PS Wohnung putzen
PS Putzfrau in einer Wohnung beim putzen

Give us a try: 0800 9999 715

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