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Special cleaning

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The special knowledge of 

PS Gebäudereinigung GmbH the most important basis!

  • Crime scene cleaning

  • Dry ice blast cleaning

  • Ceiling cleaning

  • Lighting system cleaning

  • Facade cleaning

  • Ship cleaning

  • Joint renovation

  • Disinfection and surface disinfection

  • Removal of bird droppings

  • Train and track cleaning

  • Removal of spores and mold

  • Water damage removal

  • Fire damage removal

  • Fogging cleaning

  • Cleaning radiators

  • Clearance of all kinds

  • Officially ordered disinfection measures

  • Pest Control


We work according to the guidelines of the IHK Schleswig-Holstein.

We can do all the cleaning you require quickly and professionally in the special cleaning area of the cleaning industry  work off.

Give us a try: 0800 9999 715



PS Spezialreinigung
PS Spezialreinigung
PS Putzfrau im Haus bei der Arbeit

Special cleaning also includes the professional handling of waste materials.

PS Hebearmarbeiten Kopie.png

Use of special tools and heavy machinery

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